MIS Executive - Operations

Bengaluru, Karnataka   |   Full time


Our quest is to make urban commute smart & green. In this journey, we walk the most untrodden

paths, solve the most ignored problems. With thousands of bikes on-roads, challenges like fueling,

maintenance, demand & supply, parking etc are our daily affairs. In this process, our operations

teams work with different kinds of vendors for different purposes. In this role, you would be managing

multiple such vendors, get work done with them and maintain great relationships with them.

MIS Responsibility :

 Strong technical skills: data processing and mining tools such as Excel, SQL etc.

 Nice to have: VBA, Macro, Problem-solving, business analysis, project management, business


 Advanced Knowledge of MS Excel (Macro-, Data Functions, Customer Views etc)

 Working Knowledge of SQL

 Analyze and suggest improvements for reports.

 Develop and monitor major metrics/KPIs for better business understanding.

 Cooperate closely with business units

 Convert meeting notes into reports and/or presentations

 Where necessary, carry out additional research to complete these reports and/or


 Other tasks as required

About Us Bounce (www.bounceshare.com)

We all are aware that the cities are getting congested. Moving from one place to another, be it for

work, fun or leisure is a pain. At times we spend planning how to commute in detail than planning for

the actual work:)

Distances and availability of commute are deciding everything we do.

Cabs were a boon but it congests cities since the average occupancy in a car is less than 1.2 persons at any

point in time. The waiting time for cabs has increased, prices have gone up and the car takes substantially

more time to commute compared to a scooter.

Our solution is simple and light on the pocket and we help you adopt mass rapid transport as well for the

longest part of your commute.

Imagine a simple solution, where you open an app, find the nearest scooter, electric pedelecs , select the

bike, get an OTP, key in the OTP on the scooter and the vehicle unlocks and you start and head to your

destination. Once you reach your destination, you end the trip on the keypad of the bike, walk away. You pay

for the distance and time of your commute only. The drop off point becomes a pick up point to the next user.

Check this video :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAhbqjc5GQQ.

We further aim at decongesting the roads by encouraging commuters to choose public transport by providing

seamless First mile and Last mile connectivity solution in India, through our bike rentals.

Solving these problems matter for tomorrow’s India. Join us in this mission, do things that matter and we

promise one hell of a fun ride along.

From the Media https://tech.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/startups/metro-bikes-raises-12-2m-from-

sequoia-india-accel-par tners-rebrands-as-bounce/65328870




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