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About Bounce

Bounce (formerly known as Metro Bikes) is India's first smart mobility solution, with a mission of making daily commute stress-free, time-saving, reliable and convenient.  Here's how easy it is to bounce : Book a ride on the app, Pick up the bike, Enter the OTP, Ride to the destination and move on! With a breakthrough technology that lets users access the bike with just an OTP, our state-of-the-art Keyless bikes, have not only done away with keys, but the whole process of renting a bike has just become devoid of any physical or human intervention.  There's more than just this, to why we do what we do! We love the idea of being able to help bring people back to doing things that they love, like the ever-elusive guitar lessons or the family dinner at the dining table, by saving them the time that they spend on commuting.  With the keyless bikes, we are taking on the problems around commute, one city at a time. With a team of super-passionate people and some great ideas, we are riding towards becoming the most preferred mode of commute and changing the way people commute! 

Job Description - Lead, Talent Acquisition (On Ground Operations)

Introduction Years of our effort resulted in India's first keyless bike operation mechanism. This solves multiple hassles in the bike rental business and it is time for us to take this offering to the masses. We are at the cusp of a massive expansion and hiring into Sales & Operations contributes to the majority of it. In this role, you will be leading one of the channels of our on-ground, blue collar hiring: Agencies or Campus or NGO, Job Fairs and other new initiatives. You will be driving large recruitment numbers on a weekly basis. 

This is a managerial role and will have 2 to 4 recruiters and coordinators reporting. This role reports to the Bangalore City HR Manager. 

For on-ground 

Roles & Responsibilities Hiring - Deliver large hiring volumes as per the business needs and timelines - Develop the assigned hiring channel into a highly relevant and large volume talent source - Organize and manage large recruitment and on-boarding activities 

Process Management - Build & effectively manage processes for : interview & selection, candidate experience etc. - Identify, track & report all necessary metrics in a timely manner - Constantly monitor the hiring processes, understand the changes in industry trends and suggest any necessary changes 

Business / Stakeholder Management - Work closely with the business in planning & forecasting the various talent needs - Understand the relevant industry trends and help the business be abreast of them - Work closely with the stakeholders and help them plan the hiring needs & levels 

Team Management - Effectively hire & manage the team required for all non-technical hiring needs - Set processes & guidelines to help the team achieve goals with great efficiency - Drive organizational processes & philiosophy in regards to team growth & development 

Requirements - Passion towards hiring great people, setting up strong recruitment processes & building great organizations - 5+ years of experience in hiring on-ground, blue collar employees in a fast paced environment - 1+ years experience in managing high performing recruiting teams - Proven experience in handling large scale volume hiring across geographies - Extremely strong process orientation & business accumen - Strong communication skills, organizational and negotiation skills - Possess strong analytic skills with ability to create, measure, and scale the right workflow between 

Job Description - Lead, Talent Acquisition (On Ground Operations)


candidates, hiring managers and the recruiting team. - High sense of urgency 

About Us Bounce (erstwhile Metro Bikes) 

We all are aware that the cities are getting congested. Moving from one place to another, be it for work, fun or leisure is a pain. At times we spend planning how to commute in detail than planning for the actual work:) 

Distances and availability of commute are deciding everything we do. 

Cabs were a boon but it congests cities since the average occupancy in a car is less than 1.2 persons at any point in time. The waiting time for cabs has increased, prices have gone up and the car takes substantially more time to commute compared to a scooter. 

Our solution is simple and light on the pocket and we help you adopt mass rapid transport as well for the longest part of your commute. 

Imagine a simple solution, where you open an app, find the nearest scooter, electric pedelecs , select the bike, get an OTP, key in the OTP on the scooter and the vehicle unlocks and you start and head to your destination. Once you reach your destination, you end the trip on the keypad of the bike, walk away. You pay for the distance and time of your commute only. The drop off point becomes a pick up point to the next user. Check this video :) 

We further aim at decongesting the roads by encouraging commuters to choose public transport by providing seamless First mile and Last mile connectivity solution in India, through our bike rentals. 

Solving these problems matter for tomorrow’s India. Join us in this mission, do things that matter and we promise one hell of a fun ride along. 

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